Note to Self Delusion

The desire to keep things up-to-date and keep associates in-the-know has driven me to this; a “blog” interface, backend software that will manage my web-face for me.

How often to check back? I’ll be updating weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

I’ll update when I have something to share.

What’s going to be here? I’ll eschew links to unrelated web trends, viral ads, pictures of pet cats, boring news articles.
Though some soapboxing is inevitable, you won’t find me linking to a two-paragraph AP article and ranting on as though it meant anything.

What you’ll find here will be about me, personally, professionally, artistically, musically – presumably, if you made it here, that’s what you’re interested in. This site is a companion to my main exploit:, where the actual art, music, and anything in between will be hosted.

So, if you want me, come here; if you want art, go there.

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