There is no reason for concern.

June and July have been wonderful, the summer is half over and there is no reason for concern. After several people asked, I’ve decided not to play any shows in Fargo ever again. I’ll consider shows in other towns, but around here, it’s just not worth it.

Work at NDSU has been wonderful.

The projects I mentioned before are still underway, still on their way. Unfortunately, moving in and catching up takes more time than I anticipate, every time. The new place is beautiful; I love it. It’s old and gorgeous, terazzo and concrete walls. Best of all, there’s no way to get in touch with me, no buzzer, no doorbell. The doors are locked and the blinds pulled.

I hope you’re doing well, wherever you’re at and whatever you’re doing. If you feel like going for a late-night walk and taking pictures, or perhaps working on some project or similar activity, feel free to call. Don’t be surprised if I’m not available to go to the bar or go for passive entertainment. Do send me an email.

Take some time and check out hannah’s website. Well worth a look.


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