Public Domain Casio CTK-150 Drum Loop Collection.

I write electronic music, and I also modify (“circuit bend”) electronic instruments. Since it is easy to destroy cheap Casio synths when poking around inside them, I often digitize all of their sounds before beginning the modification process…. which leaves me with hundreds of useful and interesting loops.

I’ve decided to start releasing my loops into the public domain. Why public domain? Because Creative Commons licenses have some nagging problems, and while I appreciate attribution, I am not interested in restricting your rights in any way. Quite the opposite.

Included in this file are 89 drum loops sampled from a Casio CTK-150 synthesizer
(24mb). There is also a photograph of the loop-table on the machine, so you can guess at the name of the loop (eg. “Rock 1”). They are named in the order that I recorded them, but I can’t guarantee that they follow the table exactly. If you appreciate this work, perhaps you’d be interested in naming the loops according to the table.

Also included in the zip file is a text file proclaiming the public domain status of these loops. If you feel like giving attribution, please cite the Fakeproject Corporation of America (

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