User Input 2

We’re quickly approaching a future where everything can be annotated by the user. Think editable tags stuck everywhere. They might look like stickers, but they might also look like nothing at all, and be embedded inside things.

Everyday things will have something to say to your everyday things.


It will be used for all kinds of obviously useful things like categorizing, identifying, and demeaning others. It might even provoke response.

It might occasionally be beautiful and heartfelt.

But I don’t think you can design a system to encourage that.

And speaking of love notes, where will you keep all the tags? Will your letterbox be a Faraday cage to keep out sniffling, seething significant others spoiling for a fight? As above, what happens when the place you’ve marked is the place you take someone new?

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5 Responses to User Input 2

  1. judith says:

    i think if you end up taking someone somewhere that you had previously tagged for someone else. i think a moment should be taken so you can remember the person that made you tag that space and why you did take time to tag that space. hopefully it’s a positive reason and time in your life that will be remembered. (:

    i haven’t visited your site in such a long time (or so it seems) and now i remember why i miss reading through your posts (:

  2. danreetz says:

    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. Poodus says:

    I saw this and was reminded of this post.

  4. danreetz says:

    ha! great example. i have a few “helpful” images like that where official signage was edited with helpful information… thanks.

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