Rinsing Fargo From the Map

Beneath me, a hundred odd feet of fat clay. Same kind as clumping kitty litter, soaks up a ton of water. Set up a thousand sheetrock shitholes so close to the river shore that you’re not just mass wasting, you’re clearly brain wasting. Do the best you can to damn the river, and in making the levees higher and more effective, raise the water height for the same volume. You can’t compare this flood to the last ones.

Get ten thousand people to volunteer sandbagging and they’ll all go home to take a long, hot shower, overwhelming the municipal water system.

Fargo hasn’t washed away yet. It’s a tenacious glacial lake-bed barnacle. I’ll post pictures as things unravel.


Bridges are great places to gawk at disaster. Looking south on the Main Ave Bridge in Moorhead, MN, at 15:40 on the 25th:

West Side:

East Side:

Side view of the NP bridge:

I was almost pleased to see this van appeared immobile. If only one good thing came from this flood, it would be the sight of these antennae poking above the placid waters of the Red.

The guy in this van did not like having his picture taken.

You know things are getting bad when they set up to shoot your tragedy into space. Satellite relay trucks everywhere. MPEG streaming to the stars. Talking heads, geostationary vultures.

There’s been rain and snow day and night. At least the light is right. This is directly behind my workshop, which will have water in it.

Plows put all the downtown snowfall in one place — south of my workshop. I visited to see what was lost. Among the piles of lighters, gloves, and telephone boxes, there was a ten dollar bill. Not quite enough for flood insurance. Fargo giveth, and Fargo taketh away. eth.

Yesterday night (24th)

Today (25th)

Also, we now have an official emergency and Guardsmen directing traffic.

Large versions of these images here. I’ll link them later.

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3 Responses to Rinsing Fargo From the Map

  1. Muit says:

    Awesome pictures young man!

  2. danreetz says:

    Why thank you, Muit! Nice to see you here!

  3. samh says:

    I tend to avoid the news so haven’t seen any Fargo flood coverage yet. Thanks for providing the gritty perspective I expect from you, Dan.

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