Snowblower Sump Pump.



1200, March 25th, Woodcrest Dr, Fargo.

Blowing snow over the dike, into the river.

March 26th, 0930, Woodcrest Dr, Fargo, ND.

From left: Vision Scientist, Paparazzi, German scientist, Finnish CEO. Center: Embattled bunker.

1730, March 26th, Woodcrest Dr, Fargo, ND.

Busloads of patient people receive instruction.

March 26th, Woodcrest Dr, Fargo, ND.

Tough guys tow two times their weight in dirtbags.

March 26th, Woodcrest, Fargo, ND.

22nd, ~2pm:

27th ~2am:

Taken from the end of Oak Street looking over the railroad tracks.

A new dike sprang up at the bricks.

0200, March 27th, Hoglund Landscaping lot behind Oak Street, Fargo, ND.

For every satellite relay truck operator, an ambulance:

0130, March 27th, Meritcare Fargo, ND.

Work continues on dike elevation. Mickelson park is sunk. The HoJo area is still being raised at 2am.

0200, March 27th, Oak and Eighth, Fargo, ND.

0200, 2nd Ave and 4th St, Fargo, ND.

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4 Responses to Snowblower Sump Pump.

  1. Женя says:

    27th ~ 2am. Was it really that bright in the middle of the night? Craziness.

  2. danreetz says:

    Photographic tricks. The exposure was about a second and a half long, and I color corrected for the sodium street lamps, which gives more of a daylight color to things.

  3. danreetz says:

    I have quite a few more photographs, but it’s going to be a bit before I get them online, simply because they take so long to sort, process, and upload with my current computing power.

  4. Женя says:

    You and your magic tricks. Making me think the world is brighter than it is.

    If any of those pictures include that much snow and white sky, I’m eagerly waiting to see them.

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