Shoot That Shit Skyward And We’ll Make Ads From It.

I’m starting to wonder what frequency these units are broadcasting on, and if it is encrypted.

Shriners+Blackhawk+Humvees+Obelisk+Natual Disaster=Quality Conspiracy Theory.

Ominous, rocket-like obelisk on Shriner grounds.

Proper lighting in disaster situations. Wouldn’t want the talent to have raccoon eyes.

NBC relay truck. Topmost image was CBC.

Cameras contemplate the river while staff huddle in a minivan.

Interested to discover that we sourced sandbags from India.

I am always happy to see less fence, even if it means more dike.

The face of modern mobility and self sufficiency.

Some trucks.

In front of my building is a staging area for military/fire cooperation.

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