Signs Of Flooding In Your Area

Walking across local bridges is a fair way to assess the presence of a flood in your area.

Dropping river levels are visible in the presence and length of ice structures on submerged objects.

Large quantities of fallen snow enhance the likelihood of a second, delayed crest.

Snowmen walking on water are a reliable indicator of non-normalcy.

Laminated, inkjet-printed police threats are another solid indicator.

A series of lath flood markers may help you decide on an appropriate course of action.

Signs such as this one do not indicate a flood, necessarily, but, much like sandwich boards and screaming bums, they do serve as a symptom of a larger problem.

Public notices of speeches by Gaylord Perry often indicate that a flood is on the way.

No comment.

You have to be careful during times of disaster. This man has lesions all over his face and will confront you and scream at you if you take his picture.

I suspect he placed this fridge in the alley by my shop.

I would not be surprised if he were the enterprising individual who set out this canoe.

You know you’re in trouble when your house is smashed and replaced with heavy equipment.

The presence of the military in residential areas used to indicate a Republican presidency; now it is not entirely clear what it means.

If I were asked to describe Fargo in one image, this might be it.

Commentary and bigger images coming up. If you can’t wait for the upsized versions, you can get them yourself.

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