Who Are You People?

There have been many hundreds of visitors to this blog in the last few days, but no comments on new content.

Why don’t you drop in and make a comment here? I’d like to get to know you.

If you are a publication doing a story on the Red River flooding that is happening now, or an educator looking to use my photographs as instructional materials, please email me at danreetz(AT)gmail.com. I grant all educators free, unfettered access to my materials.

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14 Responses to Who Are You People?

  1. samh says:

    I only comment on the items I feel I have a worthwhile thing to something about, Dan. But since you asked I’ll leave this explanatory comment.

  2. Big Mike says:

    I figure your posts are the best way to see how your doing and not bother you, besides I trust you more than Al Roker, he would never show me the “just in case canoe”

  3. danreetz says:

    Thanks, Mike, and checking here is definitely The Best Way to see what I’m seein’.

    PS. Somebody just got busted canoeing on the Red, but I can’t find the article. Hoping it was Roker…

  4. Hannah says:

    Hi Dan. You Know Me.

  5. danreetz says:

    Ooh, Hannah! There’s a new Asian market in town. Let’s go there someday.

    So, let me calculate.
    800 unique visitors – samh, big mike, and hannah = about 797 lurkers. Well, hello to all of you.

  6. Sue says:

    I’m trying to get an idea of where you and Noah have been and what’s happening around you. Also, I am usually rewarded with some of your humor, such as the snowman walking on water. I had a co-worker look at the site, and she commented that “He’s pretty funny!” Funny, and unfettering.

  7. miche says:

    so now im a lurker.

    ive been directing requests for visuals of the flood toward you.
    are you callin my mom a lurker. hmmm

  8. danreetz says:

    are you callin my mom a lurker


  9. Pooooodus says:

    I was lurking around these vast Internets looking for Snacks, but I stumbled upon these here flood pictures in the process so here I types.

    Keep up the documentation-ification, bro!

    p.s. found some Snacks, back to eating.

  10. danreetz says:


  11. miche says:

    well perhaps she is, or perhaps i forgot to relay that message “I liked the commentaries!” says miches mom.

    due note the title of the email was, “for beautiful flood photos with snide fargoan commentary”

    yes, i referred to you as a fargoan

  12. George says:

    Stumbled upon your site while searching for information on DLP projectors. I’m dissembling one so I can use the mems chip for a project. I want to remove everything possible except for the chip and board, but if the board doesn’t get the timing signal from the color wheel it won’t work. I made a simple 555 oscillator to supply the correct signal. What do you need greyscale for?

  13. George says:

    Oh, you from Fargo? I’m close in Minneapolis

  14. danreetz says:

    Hey George,

    What’s your project? I used an Arduino to supply the timing signal instead of a 555, but it’s about the same.

    I need greyscale because I’m using it for a backlight on an LCD screen.

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