New Hardware

Some new hardware arrived in the mail today, so I had to go test it. Not art by any means, but still interesting. Warning — clicking on this image will get you a browswer-breakingly huge image, 16213×5050 pixels large. The download is ~9mb. Probably best to “right click and Save As” with this one. This image is from today, April 2nd, around 2:30pm.

Bummed to see the weird periodic artifacts in the top of the image. Looks like I have some serious calibration to do.

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9 Responses to New Hardware

  1. miche says:

    browser breaking smowser breaking.
    mini-puters are tough.

  2. danreetz says:

    you need to meet my new robot

  3. miche says:

    what new robot?

    ill knit you mitts if youll build me a robot.. someday.

  4. miche says:

    like a “CNC knitting machine”
    eyes go glazy and start to tear with potential someday future joy.

    sigh. a girl can dream

  5. danreetz says:


  6. miche says:

    someday… id be a pain and want it to purl too.
    which is really just the opposite motion.

    so i could make patterns.


  7. Noah says:

    Wow, it’s so high quality that it looks bad.

  8. Noah says:

    Think I can pick out the chlorophyll in the pines…

  9. danreetz says:

    Hahah, yeah, it does look kinda bad. I’ll have some more worthwhile stuff someday…

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