A Short Story Courtesy MK and DR.

Dan’s day:
06:00 :Wake up.

Go to check my email.

Curse Qwest for their obnoxious antics. The anger subsides; I feel myself getting desperate.

06:15 : Digging through boxes. I know I have this shit somewhere, I just need to keep looking. Keep finding other shit I’ll need later. Thought to self: I need to organize this shit. Thought interrupted by retrieval of desired components.

06:20 : Banged my faking thumb again.

06:30 :Stringing this much cable sucks. I’m climbing on my roof. I pause to reflect on the direction this day has taken me, smirk and climb higher.

06:35 :As I finish tweaking the signal, I finally get some internet. I heave a retired sigh.

06:40 : Furiously responding to email.

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8 Responses to A Short Story Courtesy MK and DR.

  1. samh says:

    Most folks would’ve simply continued complaining and not done anything about it.

  2. samh says:

    Also, I like the fact that you have 43 semi-(de)composed messages in your e-mail client.

  3. danreetz says:

    It’s a bad habit — I continuously compose responses, and then never send them. I delete a few a day.

  4. robertb says:

    Is that… a pot lid?

  5. danreetz says:

    Actually, it’s the reflector assembly from an old incandescent street light, recovered from a city dumpster. So far, it’s the very best reflector I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried a few.

    Oh, this long, sordid history of trying different reflectors, from the foil pie pan/bread pan Pantenna, to one made from a Parabolic Heater, to the Ikea WiFi Booster. Fun stuff.

  6. Poodus says:


  7. Max says:

    This reminds me of us war driving around Fargo, good times :).

    All the geek’s gear should definitely be organized – all of mine is stacked randomly in my garage…

    I love the first picture.

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