Upcoming Talk At Harvard’s Berkman Center, Hope To See You There.

I’m totally excited about my upcoming speaking engagement at Harvard’s Berkman Center. So excited, in fact, that I’m going to use the opportunity to announce the release of a few new, exciting projects from the forums here. It’s going to be an exciting talk and I can hardly wait to engage with people in Cambridge.


Tuesday, March 23, 12:30 pm
Berkman Center, 23 Everett Street, second floor
RSVP required for those attending in person (rsvp@cyber.law.harvard.edu)
This event will be webcast live at 12:30 pm ET and archived on our site shortly after.

The official announcement is here.

If you want to meet up, get in touch.

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4 Responses to Upcoming Talk At Harvard’s Berkman Center, Hope To See You There.

  1. Sue says:

    Good luck, Dan. I hope they give you a very nice lubstah for lunch.

  2. Big Mike says:

    Good Job Dan,
    Didn’t think they would dive so deeply into “Fair Use” but it is Harvard, the only way to question the scanner is to question your interpretation of fair use, which should be a no brainer.

  3. danreetz says:

    Thanks guys. I was pretty pleased with how things went, and I think the discussion at the very end gets to the heart of the real problem — not fair use, but what power the law will exercise over digital files in the future.

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