Young Hackers At Work.

Beth and Will, taking apart a Pentium-class IBM Thinkpad:


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9 Responses to Young Hackers At Work.

  1. biche says:

    dear god, that is the kind of cute one pukes over.

  2. danreetz says:

    It’s pretty solid cute, that’s for sure.

    Beth’s gonna get a big toolbox, all professional tools, none of this kind of crap.

    Can’t wait ’til Will and Ben are old enough to solder on their own.

  3. danreetz says:

    Oh yeah, speaking of that – my Dad set Ben up on the plasma cutter we gave him for Christmas. F*ck yeah, plasma cutting! Talk about awesome.

  4. Sis says:

    Hey now, I have a hammer with a pink handle that gets the job done. Beth would probably play with tools more than she plays with dolls. She is always wandering around with a screwdriver….

  5. danreetz says:

    Dear Sis, as they say on television:

    Gender equality begins in the workshop.

    No pink hammers, evar! At least not from me. I’ll get her a baby-sledge.

    Love ya,

  6. biche says:

    RED sledgehammer.. gender neutral and awesome.
    just saying.

    is ben plasma cutting before sergering!?
    he was so excited about the serger.

    i exposed 2 more men to the power of sergers, and the loveliness of fabric barf left behind. makes great stuffed-animal guts.

    you give girls tools, and ill get men sewing.. together..

  7. Sue says:

    RE tools for Bethie: I doubt that bolt-cutters come in pink.

  8. danreetz says:

    One thing I love about you, Sue, is that you always think on the bright side.

    “Bolt cutters don’t come in pink” is my happy thought for the day.

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