Book Scan Wizard Gives DIY Book Scanners An Upload Button

Steve Devore’s Book Scan Wizard is the most automated, complete DIY Book Scanning software ever written. If you’re doing any kind of bulk or batch scanning, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

And now, through a new partnership with the Internet Archive, Book Scan Wizard and DIYBookScanner offer an upload button – every DIY Book Scanner can share his or her work with the world, or get an OCR’d copy of their scans for free. I can’t over-write the significance of this upload button in Book Scan Wizard – it closes the loop. We now have a complete path from your bookshelf to your Kindle, free OCR for all scanners, conversion to DAISY for the blind, and a world-class web book interface, courtesy the Archive.

Unfortunately I’m traveling at the moment, so I’m really not giving the new upload button the post it deserves. And it’s important to say here that this service could go away at any moment – we are really just dipping our toes into the water here. So get Book Scan Wizard while it’s hot and fresh, and get scanning — and uploading.

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  1. Kerber says:

    This is huge! Do uploaders need to worry about the copyright of the docs they are scanning? I am woefully under-informed on copyright laws.

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