It’s often tough to get in touch with me. For the coming weeks and months, it is going to be tougher, starting now. I’m going to be traveling constantly.

Please, if something is an emergency, or needs my input now, say so in the subject line. Otherwise, have patience, glacial, unerring patience.

It may sound dire but it is a good thing. Today, I’m off on a project to photograph the last Shuttle launch. See you in the future.

Hmm, interesting things going on here at KSC! Brush fire:

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2 Responses to POSTING NOTICE

  1. Sue says:

    Way cooler than some wedding.
    Have a great trip!

  2. Kyle Foley says:


    I’m having trouble getting registered at bookscanner forum. Can you approve my membership? I’ve been waiting for about two weeks. I put in another request today.


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