Forgetting about Tasty and Healthy Food.

Cabinet Magazine, Issue 42 has images from one of my projects! They did a fantastic article on Soviet food and used images from here.

Thanks, Cabinet. Have always loved your work. Also a huge thanks to Dima Solyanoy for introducing me to the book, and for borrowing me his so that I might scan it. Miss ya, Dima!

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2 Responses to Forgetting about Tasty and Healthy Food.

  1. }|{ says:

    Awesome! Happy to see those scans used in print again.

  2. Noah says:

    It’s like a month after the fact, but I’m gonna be that guy:

    You can’t borrow something to somebody.

    With all the railing we’ve done on midwestern speech, this is still the #1 thing that gets me.

    Alright, I’m done being that guy. ;P

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