One of the best things about my community is that it is just chock full of awesome people.

One of the bad things about being the “DIY BOOK SCANNER guy” is that people always ask “DOES IT TURN PAGES?”.

Well, my friends, it turns pages.

jck57/Monson’s Servo Auto Scanner.

DIY Page Turner from Berlin Hackerspace C-Base:

dtic was among the page-turning pioneers of our forum:
Revision 1:

Revision 2:

jck57/Monson is actually building a full-auto scanner, check out his other impressive engineering:

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2 Responses to DOES IT TURN PAGES?

  1. Sue says:

    Clever and rhythmically soothing to boot.
    (It looks like the last one isn’t turning pages, though.)

  2. Richard says:


    I have access to my own CNC Router, are the “G” codes available?

    Thanks for all you do,


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