From The Archives: Meat.

A year of my life living in Russia. Not nearly long enough. There, I learned so many gorgeous Russianisms from the lips of so many gorgeous Russians. One sticks out in my mind particularly. “In every joke, there is a joke”. This one happy thought has single-handedly brought me through many an awful, absurd, bizarre situation.

A giant piece of meat and me; photo credit: Kseniya Merkulova. Goddamn, I miss our walks, K. Obninsk, Russia, Kaluzhskaya Oblast, 2006.

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2 Responses to From The Archives: Meat.

  1. tox says:

    Quite the hunk of meat… nice backdrop too.

  2. K says:

    Те воспоминания навсегда останутся с нами..

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