Brother HL2270DW Toner Cartridge Reset Procedure

Have a Brother HL2270DW laser printer. Great printer, except that the starter cartridge lasted a measly 210 pages.

First, I tried this. Which didn’t work.
Then I ordered these inexpensive replacement cartridges from Amazon. Wish me luck.
Then I found this solution, which works. The post, originally by Phiolle, says:

Please do the following steps to reset the toner sensor.

– Open the front cover and leave open while completing the following steps.
– Turn the printer off.
– Hold the ‘go’ button while turning the printer on. All lights should be on.
– Release the ‘go’ button (or “start’ button).
– Press the ‘go’ button (or “start’ button) 2 times.
– Pause. All panel lights should be on.
– Press the ‘go’ button (or “start’ button) 5 times.
The toner light should be off. (error may be flashing)
The paper light should be on or flashing.
– Close cover. The ready light should be the only light on.

It works. Quoted here for posterity and google-ability.

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315 Responses to Brother HL2270DW Toner Cartridge Reset Procedure

  1. Amr Makanya says:

    Thanks a lot it works.

  2. Lauren says:

    Thanks so much! Worked perfectly.

  3. Merv says:

    Worked first time 🙂 Thank you !

  4. donald ODell says:

    Your the best!

  5. Leslie M. says:

    I love you.

  6. dennis connors says:

    toner light is still on and I bought a brother replacment toner any thoughts after this issue?

  7. Toni says:

    Worked for me in 2018 .Thanks!

  8. Daddy Rabbit says:

    Worked, thank you!

  9. bob w, says:

    Thank you it worked on my brother printer 2270DW

  10. John G says:

    Worked fine until the toner light came back on! Tried three times.

  11. emmu says:

    You are the greatest person on the internet, ever.

  12. George Tabby says:

    I did this three times with no luck, I still have a blinking toner light!

  13. Ben1265 says:

    As weird as it sounds, this does work… Thanks!

  14. MTECH says:

    Thanks a lot. It’s working very well and still now its working.

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