Two Thousand Sixteen

We spent 2016 in Silicon Valley. What a fever dream.

Such a bait-and-switch.

What to do but organize. 

Bring all capabilities online,

And get everything on wheels.

It’s a good time to be bright,


and sharp:

It’s a good time to listen,

to purge,

to grow.

This year, I learned that free time is freedom.  My DIY ethos is stronger than ever.

Thank you, friends and family for all the sharp thoughts

and bright ideas.

See you in the future.



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2 Responses to Two Thousand Sixteen

  1. peter says:

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  2. Tim Smith says:

    I came too late to ask for your orginal design that you turned in to your school which we all saw needed adjustments for the paperback usage as in support without the light setting on floor. I cannot find the open source plans in order to recreate your law school version that was better for the usage I intend to use mine for. The cnc file for the archivist is not good for people that do not have a cnc table at home. But I will try to figure out the design specs. Thank you for the jump start at least.

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