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Still dark at the start. Work in the dark. Leave in the dark. Ready for those bright lights. Hard fights Long nights It wasn’t easy But it was worthwhile. It wasn’t simple But it was satisfying. It wasn’t just me … Continue reading

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RIP Aaron M. Clarke

Aaron Clarke and I met in 2007 at NDSU, during our Ph.D. work. Aaron was immediate. Bright, funny, goofy – and smart as hell. On top of that, he was imaginative and warm – rare in frozen Fargo, North Dakota, … Continue reading

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New project – dancing mic stand for Justin Timberlake

I left Apple last year to start my own prototyping business. I knew I’d find interesting work, but I didn’t know how interesting. As Vice Chief, I designed and built the dancing mic stand that Justin Timberlake used in his … Continue reading

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Exit Criteria

I spent two years at a big tech company, and in that time I learned a lot about leadership – both how to inspire people to do their very best (and only that), and how to squander their efforts and spoil … Continue reading

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Two Thousand Sixteen

We spent 2016 in Silicon Valley. What a fever dream. Such a bait-and-switch. What to do but organize.  Bring all capabilities online, And get everything on wheels. It’s a good time to be bright, sturdy, and sharp: It’s a good time to listen, … Continue reading

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Internet Dan Seems To Be Dead

It does seem that way, though I’m not. Biche would know; she was in the shop with me when Internet Dan became my identity, calling, and full-time occupation. Dead is the wrong word. I retired this year – and in the process, I published … Continue reading

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Anti-Intrusion/Anti-Graffiti Measures

Check out this standpipe. Above it, there is a fire escape which has obviously-painted-over graffiti. On it, there is a mess of thick, black grease, and next to it is a coil of razor and barbed wire. Hadn’t seen this … Continue reading

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Struggling to pay rent. GoPro to the rescue.

Like any reasonable person, my landlord wants a check shoved under an unmarked door in the basement. Problem is, at night an on the weekends, the door leading to the basement is locked. I am so motivated to pay my … Continue reading

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2014 Ends and Pieces

2014 in three sentences: Designing, manufacturing, promoting, and documenting new book scanners consumed every waking minute. In spite of a great 4-year run, I lost my enthusiasm for my professional work as an Imagineer and Disney Researcher, so I moved … Continue reading

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Affordable Affordances

I use a bicycle wrench to tighten the collet on my CNC router. It has 32mm and 30mm box-end openings – 30mm fits the nut on my collet. About half the time, I put the wrong side on the collet … Continue reading

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DIYBookscanner on Exhibit in Paris

Pierre Vanni dialed up the foldout scanner an order of magnitude. The gorgeous monster is part of Pierre’s exhibit Google Raconte at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Thanks to him (right) and his accomplices JS (left) and Valerian.

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Two Thousand Thirteen Seconds B-Sides and Rarities

Consider this my 2013 photo essay; it started as an experiment in taking a one-second video every day and ended up a pretty and personal thing. I only removed work-related videos; there are pieces of around 460 videos in this … Continue reading

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The Making Of Skull Face 2013

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Every Year, I Draw A Skull On My Face With Eyeliner Pencil (2013)

2013: 2012: 2010: 2009: 2008: 2007: 2006:

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Vote With Your Wallet

Whether you mean to or not. Los Angeles, California, 2011.

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Inevitability and Proximity

I keep hearing “It will happen” or “It’s gonna happen”, referring to inevitability in a social context.  These predictions are likely to be correct, if only because things are set up badly – in a negligent way, even – and … Continue reading

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Recently Hauled A Bit Of Foam

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Sewing Kit

I made a sewing kit for Dana, who is on the road with JT. It’s a 3D printed, laser cut box with a wide assortment of garment repair and management stuff jammed inside. Here, it is pictured with the lid … Continue reading

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Egress Axe

I was impressed to see the glow-in-the-dark grab handle, and doubly impressed to see a handy fire-axe available for chopping out of a locked freezer cabinet. So impressed, in fact, that I was apparently unable to take a focused photograph. … Continue reading

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Weller D550PK, Badly Made in USA

I recently bought a Weller soldering gun, with the intention of using it to cut nylon webbing. Out of the box, the two small lamps on the front did not illuminate. Although I don’t need them, it chafed me to … Continue reading

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