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Juki DNU-1541S Service Manual and Users Manual

  Juki DNU-1541S Sales Brochure. Juki DNU-1541s Service Manual /Engineer’s Manual. Juki DNU-1541s Operator’s Manual/ User’s Manual.

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Bernina 1130 User Manual and Service Manual [PDF]

These manuals are hard to find on the Internet. I found them. Bernina 1130 User Manual/Guide. PDF, 59 pages. Bernina 1130/1120 Service Manual. PDF, 73 pages. Keywords: Bernina 1130 User Manual. Bernina 1130 Repair. Bernina Oiling Guide. How to thread … Continue reading

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Reasons To Exist

Elevator phones will be among the last legitimate uses for landlines.

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Power, Access

The forces that form conduit. The locks that keep the curious out. The drops – free and clear, save for high amperage Hubbel plugs you’re unlikely to carry. No charging mobiles here, you can’t plug in your hair dryer – … Continue reading

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Cut To Fit

I have the biggest phone. It takes the smallest SIM. I bought a pair of flush cutters, trimmed the excess, and gave the tools to Scann.

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Hunger, Incentive, and Timing

I’d eat the damned thing. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Worldwide Light Pickups

Spotted in Buenos Aires – a breed of light truck long absent in the US. Like a Brat or an El Camino.

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It’s A Juki!

Welcoming a new machine into my life.

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Secure Location

The relationship between a “secure” site and the number of uniquely identifiable pick-up points. The knowledge an unusual or extreme location implies.

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Pebble Wide Watch Strap

I hated the slippery, hot silicone band that came with my Pebble watch, so I made a new one out of some beautiful blue leather.

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Meals Ready to Eat

MREs for dinner. Gather ’round for SPAGHETTI W/  MEAT SAUCE 901234-08:

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Creative Commons Global Summit – This Week!

Faro de Palacio Barolo sobre Congreso (View of Buenos Aires and Palacio Barolo, at night) by Beatrice Murch, CC BY I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving talks in Buenos Aires and La Plata in the coming week. This is for the … Continue reading

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TIG Welding, BIG Teething

I build optical assemblies out of aluminum, and I need to stick them together – meaning I need  TIG welding capability. While I usually weld steel with Miller MIG/GMAW gear, I decided to try out one of the upstart TIG … Continue reading

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Hot Shop Tip

Searching for tools, parts, and supplies really saps the fun out of a project. That goes double for basic and rote tasks, like applying heat-shrink tubing while soldering cables. Recognizing this, I bought a ten-pack of Bic lighters and put … Continue reading

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Public Facilities

The old Metro polymer bus benches are being removed. They had three molded concave “seats”, and also three convenient corresponding concavities on the back side of the back rest. While the process of bench replacement is mostly about money, it … Continue reading

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Stairway to Hell

On a date with Dana, I found a bomber boarding ladder. LA is a strange place – strange and wonderful.

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Finished: Studio

Graduate studies meant sacrificing hobbies. Having just released an album, I felt I could take a break from music. Had to be one of the least fulfilling decisions I ever made. Music is alive and well and I’m in the … Continue reading

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Finishing MiniDisc

At 14, I bought a microcassette recorder to record touch and signalling tones. Turned out to be a lot more amusing to record my adventures with Doz (we called him Brando, then). We made so many tapes. Miles of songs, … Continue reading

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Event Detection Using Phone Orientation

There was an attempted suicide at ComiCon today. From the comments: I only looked up and saw it because there were a bunch of people pointing their phones at the sky. It made me realize that you could detect interesting … Continue reading

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Get Your Data from Google Reader

This will only be relevant for the next two days, but has a toolset and information to fully extract content from Google Reader. This may be the most powerful tool available to end users. Archive Team is trying to … Continue reading

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